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Adrenaline Shocker Serial #7

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Own a piece of history and bragging rights
Want to lock in serial #7 on your Adrenaline Shocker*? This is the way. This isn't purchasing a gun but the serial number for your gun. Either order with your gun at the same time or order this and add the gun later (if later let us know in the order comments section about your serial rights).

How our serial numbers work
Our entire Adrenaline Shocker line shares one serial number because most of our Shockers are the combo kits. So if you buy the combo both your Adrenaline XLS and CVO will use this number. If you were only to buy one type, such as a CVO, then there will never be an Adrenaline XLS in this number because you own the rights and you skipped out on the XLS.