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Adrenaline Regulator by PowerHouse - Standard Body - 24k Gold

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The Adrenaline Regulator by PowerHouse  is based on the PowerHouse TKO, the most advanced paintball regulator ever made. We sound like a broken record sometimes when we say things like that but facts are facts. We worked with PowerHouse for a very long time to take the already best-in-sport TKO to the next level.

The entire Adrenaline Regulator body features Adrenaline's 5-axis Tryamid pattern just like on the Adrenaline Luxe. We spent a TON of effort to ensure the machining features of each regulator body line up with the regulator cap. How is that possible with thread locations being different on every single unit? Simple, we machined each unit as one-piece (threading together each blank) at a rate of two (2) Adrenaline Regulators per hour vs. a normal speed of more than thirty. 

This is the Adrenaline 24k Gold Plated finish not anodizing. 

Each Adrenaline Regulator ships pre-configured for an Adrenaline Luxe at 450 psi but the PowerHouse Pressure Adjustment Insert allows adjustment from 400 psi to 700 psi with a simple internal adjustment. For Adrenaline Shockers we recommend 650 to 700 psi.

Other features include:

  • Titanium Cartridge with dual O-rings - normally a $65.00 add-on from PowerHouse
  • New 2022 Model TKO Regulator with Power Puck System
  • Real GLASS Adrenaline Gauge
  • Wave Spring Technology, precision woven flat wire spring for improved consistency and reliability to get back to setpoint pressure fast
  • Dedicated setscrew pockets to prevent galling and slipping in your guns ASA threads
  • Low Profile Burst Disks for a smooth clean look
  • Dedicated Direct to Tank fill port, eliminates damage and over pressurizing from rapid filling at fill stations
  • Interlocking parts to prevent incorrect assembly
  • Quick disassembly for easy servicing
  • Dyno Tested by PowerHouse before and after completing a 24 hour pressure test
  • 100% Made in the USA